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Tips: Analyze and Visualize Data (Power BI)

This is the third course in the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science. You can ought to choose between Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel or Power BI or do both. Of course it is better if you take both options but in my case, due to the limited amount of time that I have, I chose to take Power BI first then maybe take the Excel one when I still have time for this particular course run (until June).

So far personally this is my favorite. I have used Power BI before but not extensively so this course made me appreciate data even more because of the powerful visualizations Power BI provides. It has nine modules and has knowledge checks and lab exercises for each one except for the last module. They are all graded and unlike in the previous course in TSQL, most questions give you up to two attempts– which I find generous and lenient.

What I did was take notes in every video instead of actually trying out the things they do while watching it. I will have the chance to try Power BI hands-on anyway when doing the lab exercises so I can just focus on listening to the instructors and take down notes. In this way, if I forget the steps they did in, say, creating a particular chart, I won’t have to re-watch the video when answering the knowledge checks and lab exercises. It has no final exam by the way.

See you in the next module and happy studying!