Tips: Query Relational Data

This is the second course in the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science. It is about Transact-SQL and the laboratory exercises in every module is done in an external site, i.e., DataCamp wherein you have to complete the SQL queries to gain the needed XP points. The last time I wholeheartedly used SQL was 2 years ago and before taking up this course I can say that I only know the basics– say, SELECT ___ FROM ___ WHERE. Right now I can say that my T-SQL skills have leveled up even though the exercises aren’t enough for me to fully practice.

The lab exercises and final exam are graded so only one attempt to answer per questions is allowed. I suggest take notes on where to use some of the queries and what will be the outcome when using different functions. The final exam doesn’t purely focus on the syntax– some questions will make you recall the concepts or the use of a particular SQL command that was brought up in the video so be patient in the modules (they’re 11!). Save the SQL queries / your answers in the lab exercises to a file because they might come in handy in the next questions.

See you in the next module and happy studying!


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