Tips: Data Science Orientation

This is the very first course in the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science. All of the questions are not graded (except for the surveys) but I suggest you take each questions in the exercises seriously.

Module 1 explains how the courses run and gives us an overview (and inspiration) of what data scientists do.

Module 2 is about data science fundamentals. Listen carefully while the instructor is talking about Excel. Take note when the different Excel visualizations are best used, addressing common issues when dealing with data, knowing which charts should be used in various scenarios, and how to interpret the result chart/graph/visualization. Those will help you answer the questions at the end of the module.

Module 3 helps us understand basic statistics because the examples used are easy to grasp. There is a handout at the end of this module that summarizes the statistical concepts discussed. Make sure you understand the concepts, at the very least, since those will be the type of questions at the end.

In the Lab Exercise, you will be given a file wherein you have to follow the instructions so you can answer the questions afterwards. If you took note of what’s in modules 2 and 3 then you’re good.

See you in the next module! Happy studying!


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